Wood Floor Covers

Protect your wood floor investment with our Action AirRide floor cover system. This proprietary system comes with a patented blower system for ease of use when rolling out your wood floor cover and comes with a storage rack for proper storage while not in use.

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We're rolling out a whole new way to protect your wood sports floor.

With the unique AirRideĀ® vinyl cover system for gymnasium surfaces, Action has designed a floor-saving, work-saving product that is simplicity itself. AirRide's electric air blower creates a lift effect that makes the job easier and safer for those who apply and remove the cover, while greatly reducing potential for scuffing and scratching of the floor's surface during either process. Deploying and removing the cover is quickly managed by two people following simple instructions.

Phthalate-free vinyl.

The AirRide cover vinyl is phthalate-free (does not contain a plasticizing additive that has raised health concerns, particularly for children) and is available as a 10 foot wide, 20.5 ounce weight seamless sheet. The rugged vinyl protects floors against damage from tables, chairs, street shoes and other abrasive items when used for dances, assemblies, dinners and other events. Available in sandstone beige only.

It's only rack and roll.

AirRide's powder-coated tubular-steel rack storage system is specifically engineered for use on hardwood floors, featuring adjustable safety outriggers and pedal-operated floor locks to stabilize the unit while in use. Deep-capped roller end brackets keep panels in line when rolling or unrolling. Four heavy-duty,non-marking casters make moving the rack easy, even when fully loaded.

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